Show in Macerata, Italy

April 18 will be the opening of my symmetrical paper cuts show at the Museum of Carriages in Macerata in the framework of the Ratatá festival with music and projections

Anthropozän-Eine Comic Anthologie

For the exhibition »Anthropozän«, Deutsches Museum Munich, the illustration class of the University of Arts Berlin developed 30 comic strips to tell the story of the impact of 30 technical and scientific inventions that changed not only human history but our planet in general.
All stories were published as a book. 60 pages, in German with a foreword of Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen and Klaus Töpfer, founding director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam


Letzte Gelegenheit! Wir spielen noch mal unsere illustrierte Show.
14. und 15. Februar
jeweils 20 Uhr

Berlin - San Francisco

A book drawn on a 15 hour plane ride

Hotel Berlin Poster

The poster with english explanations was sold out. It is available again!


Je vais montrer mes affiches et livres en janvier à Paris

Soldiers Of One Hundred Years

A silkscreen print to commemorate WW1 and WW2